Fun Figures

In less than 20 minutes, I ran over 35 different numbers through my head.  Budgets, bank accounts, gasoline, miles, and other glorious concepts related to my (tentative) journey are still fluttering around my brain.  It seems more real somehow, put down on paper.  Looking at expenses make this pipe dream seem somewhat more realistic and slightly less like a vaporous wind.

15,758 miles is the magical number.  I can’t imagine driving this far alone. I can’t imagine NOT undertaking this trip of a lifetime.

It must be done.



It started as the tiniest thought – a kernel of an idea that sat in my mind for more than three weeks.  I’m not even sure how it first began, really.  Was it after I visited Zion, marveling at the majesty and grandeur of the red sandstone bluffs?  Was it during my drive through the Smoky Mountains noticing the foggy air and breathtaking horizon?  Whenever it happened, I couldn’t seem to shake this idea: National Parks: the gems of America!  For most of my life I have rarely noticed nor cared about these huge plots of land set aside to preserve both nature and culture.  Only recently have I begun to realize how grandiose and diverse America’s national parks are.  I think I want to visit them all – exploring the trails and discovering the natural wonder.

Turns out there’s 47 within the continental US.

Turns out I may want to take a 47 week road trip.

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