Teardrops Anyone?

So there’s this amazing invention called teardrop trailers.  I’ve contemplated sleeping in a tent for months and it definitely isn’t as appealing as this:

Image result for teardrop trailer

Cute, cozy, and – yes – much safer than nylon.  The fun part? Rainy days will be quite enjoyable as I relax with a cup of Via coffee and a good book.  The cool part?  I’d be the envy of all those tenters out there braving the elements.  The best part? My little Honda Civic can tow it.


Secrets and Guides and Maps for the Miles

I purchased three books today.  Take a look!


These will serve as my all-inclusive resources throughout my journey.  Whether it’s using the atlas when I’ve lost cell reception, or finding the best hidden hiking trails at Congagree, I’ll be all set!  It’s time to start scouring the pages of these priceless books and doing my research.

In the words of Scar from Lion King: “Be prepared”.