Renegades and Wanderers

I am astounded at the responses I receive when I tell people about my journey.

“Good for you… I’ve always wanted to take a road trip like that.”

“Like a renegade! That’s awesome. I’m so jealous.”

“I’d take a trip like that if I could. It’s the trip of a lifetime – one you’ll always remember.”

“You’re going to have so much fun. You’re going to discover so much. I wish I could travel.”

There’s a resounding connection that the human race seems to have at the concept of an epic journey. It tugs at people’s desire for adventure… a deep longing that we all share for exploration and discovery. What is it about wandering that grips at our very souls? Why is it that, regardless of our current situation, we all want to roam?

And so, as I plan out my quest and begin to share my future plans, I continue to elicit a sense of wonder. Fellow renegades, I challenge you to think of what quest you will take. It might not be a 47 week voyage, but something as simple as exploring a new part of your world. Why not take a week off and tune into to a natural setting? Why not get in your car and drive until you feel the pressure of a 9-5 career melt away for a while? Why not let some wanderlust rise up and see where it takes you?

Why not run away… just for a little bit?




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