The Great Plan


Apparently visiting all of the 47 national parks within the continental U.S. isn’t an original idea. I assumed that others had attempted this journey before and decided to do some recon to support my suspicions.

  • Isle Box has mapped out the optimal route (although they claim there are 48 – not true)
  • Scott Cochran, a photographer, visited all of them within a year and documented his journey through mainly pictures back in March ’14
  • Some other, non-American peeps have attempted the voyage, but the jury’s still out on whether or not they actually completed the circuit

And then there was me. Starting at Shenandoah (that’s point “C” along the East Coast for those of you who are map illiterate), I’ll be working my way clockwise around the loop. I’m estimating about three days per national park, with no more than five hours of driving time during my in-between days. This means I’ll have some fun stops along the way. Atlanta? Yep. Nashville? Prolly. Dallas? Heck, yeah!

This is my Great Plan, but right now it’s the forest rather than the trees. Details will need to be worked out as June 29th, my launch date, approaches.

And to all those who have gone before me, I salute you.


4 thoughts on “The Great Plan

  1. Love reading this and am so proud of you. Having said that, I just realized June 29th will be here before I know it…sad feeling for me but so incredibly happy for you!


  2. You go girl!!! Mystery and Majesty awaits to be found by you. You are doing what I am sure many others would love to do but they just can’t seem to get off the couch. You have my support and prayers!!!


  3. June 29 is my birthday!!! What a great day to start this adventure. I am so excited for you and I want to come find you at one of the parks. You go girl!!!


  4. Hello, I created the Isle Box map! You are right, there are 47 parks, I had mistakenly included Wolf Trap as a National Park in the original calculations. I removed it a month or two ago, but had not updated the references to 48 in the actual website. Your trip is something I’ve been trying to plan but haven’t found enough time to do, but sometimes you just have to take the leap! I will definitely be following along. Best of luck!


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