Shmooping it Up

Though tempting to overlook, the financial sustainability of a year-long road trip is of utmost importance. Gas, campsites, cell service, and health insurance all cost money. And let’s not forget food. Food is quite essential. I’ll definitely need to consume some calories while hiking, climbing, and simply living. So, one can conclude that money is necessary.

Enter Shmoop. A company based out of Silicon Valley, Shmoop is dedicated to making education fun and relevant through various forms of curriculum. Teachers, parents, or students can purchase study guides or lessons all the way from Kindergarten shape patterns to AAP calculus. I am now an official contracted writer for Shmoop. That’s right! During my time on the road, I’ll be writing 4th grade math lesson plans while listening to the babble of brooks and the raging hum of mosquitoes (all in the comfortable safety of my trailer, of course). Did you catch that? I get PAID to write anywhere I please. So goodbye 9-5 brick-and-mortar office and hello 2 am Everglades writing binge.

Thank you Shmoop for that delicious can of lukewarm tuna and sleave of stale crackers I’m bound to eat at some point.



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