What To Do…?

A lot of people have been asking me, “What will you do?”

The easy answer is: hike, rock climb, snorkel, watch wildlife, kayak, go caving, attend ranger-led tours, and simply explore.

Yet I assume that most people mean, “What will you do when you’re not doing adventurous things?”

So I’ve come up with a list:

  • Serenade the mosquitoes with my ukulele
  • Make a beef jerky necklace
  • Decorate the interior of my MyPod with fancy push pins
  • Create intricate origami out of previously visited National Park brochures
  • Weave a laundry basket out of pliable plant fibers

And if all else fails and I’m suffering in absolute boredom, there’s always this game.

download I’ll probably cheat, just so you know.


4 thoughts on “What To Do…?

  1. Never a dull moment Steph. Love Yatchee actually played it last weekend with family and had lots of fun. Hugs and enjoy the ride. Bren


  2. Susan raises a good point. I can stockpile coffee for your trip, Steph. I have more than I can possibly use. Are you limited to instant? Let me know your current faves.


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