Shenandoah Recap

park sign

Length of Stay:

  • 3 days, 3 nights


  • Weather – a balmy 65° up in the mountains
  • I saw only one mosquito, and I quickly eradicated its life before it could destroy mine


  • Feet problems (weak arches = toe/ankle/heel problems)
  • Saying goodbye to my good friend Tyler

Favorite Hike:

  • Bearfence Scramble

Favorite Treat:

  • Locally made blackberry ice cream from the camp store

Favorite Random Moment(s)

  • Trying to get my camping stove to work. On my first night, it took about one and a half hours to make chicken and pasta. I thoroughly enjoyed the blissful feeling of success. It’s all part of the camping experience, right?
  • Finding a note on my car that read as following: “I have some questions about your MyPod. Please call Carol at…” This was the first of many MyPod inquiries and “tours”.

4 thoughts on “Shenandoah Recap

  1. Congrats on your early successes and experiences! Thinking about you on this totally rainy Fourth of July in Herndon.


  2. Sounds good so far Stef. Hey I sent your last post to my grand daughter. She is leaving for Spain in a week on a mission trip so she may not get back to you right away. Hugs and have fun. Will pray for you footsies.


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