Biscayne Recap

Beautiful trees, water, and sky!

Length of Stay:

  • 1 day


  • Canoeing among the mangrove trees
  • Just barely missing a big load of blue heron poop as it flew overhead (whew!)
Moments before the turds dropped


  • The amount of trash was slightly depressing (all debris gets washed up among the trees)

Favorite Exhibit:

  • The visitor’s center had a mesmerizing display of live moon jelly fish

Favorite Treat:

  • Authentic Cuban sandwich

Favorite Random Moment(s):

  • Trying miracle berries, which alter your taste buds so that sour foods taste sweet
IMG_20160711_123523 1
Enjoying a stroll

2 thoughts on “Biscayne Recap

  1. Finally caught up. You have traveled quite a distance! Love your pictures. Are your feet feeling better? I find that changing shoes often helps- a few hours in sandals, a few hours in sneakers. You are so brave. Alligators, mosquitos, plus a boa! But, I guess the only way to see everything nature has to offer is to embrace it all. Hang in there through the heat!


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