Wild World

In the heart of the ‘Glades

I had expected to see some creatures during my time in the Everglades, but I wasn’t quite prepared to be so enthralled.

It was incredible to watch alligators, crocodiles, and manatees up close and personal as they hung out in their natural habitat. However, I was surprised to find that the “boring” animals were just as interesting. Yep – that means birds and bugs.

There were so many different colors of insects and spiders. My favorite was this lubber grasshopper; he was very photogenic as I snapped the pic.

20160712_120133 1

Going for a hike was quite surreal with myriads of butterflies dancing circles around my head. Birds swooped in to catch some prey or to people-watch while I just drank it all in. To be honest, taking pictures didn’t even come to mind. Why waste time fumbling for a camera, when I could enjoy the moment and commune with nature?

My apologies for the lack of footage.

You really had to be there!


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