Running Water

No, I’m not talking about that convenient spigot full of fluoride-infused water that most Americans take for granted – I’m talking about rivers, streams, runs, brooks, creaks, and “cricks”. Great Smoky National Park is full of running water, flowing rapidly (yet sometimes leisurely) from the mountain crests.

I’ve been pretty spoiled to be able to hike along numerous streams, observe waterfalls, and even camp next to a river. The sound alone of cascading water is enough to make you feel like everything is all right in the world. I have come to the conclusion that running water is crucial, both to the various ecosystems dependent on its flow and to my own well-being.

The picture doesn’t do it justice!

5 thoughts on “Running Water

  1. Sounds heavenly Steph. Makes me long for the rugged camping trail again. Jim is not the camping type. So enjoy this adventure for me please. Hugs and God bless and happy trails to you!


  2. I agree! The drop in temperature, too, makes walking near a creek just as refreshing as the beauty in finding it. Two weeks ago, we spent marvelous afternoons at some creeks and rivers in the Smokies. Glad you get to be there during this hot week.


  3. The sound of water- whether it’s waves crashing or the quiet gurgle of a creek- is good for the soul! I am really enjoying reading along, even if I have to imagine the sounds!


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