High Places

The Smokies are perfect for those seeking deliciously satisfying views. There are numerous drives, hikes, and strolls that take you to fabulous summits.

A popular destination within the Smokies is Clingman’s Dome. It’s a simple half-mile walk up a paved inclined trail that lands you at the base of an observation tower. On Monday, I trekked upwards along with throngs of tourists only to be disappointed by the hazy, crowded overlook.

On Thursday, I did a much more strenuous 2-mile hike to the summit of Chimney Tops. This hike was a test of endurance, grit, and quad muscles. Not only was the view astounding, it was so much more rewarding because I felt I actually had to work for it.


The easy way to the top wasn’t the best way; it was the effort and labor I invested in my Chimney Top climb that made the end experience so much more worth it. (Hopefully you’re understanding the life lesson in here).

Onward and upward…


3 thoughts on “High Places

  1. Hi Steph, cool to see your journey! I just talked to a volunteer at the desk of Congaree yesterday that told me about you. I’m doing all the parks, about to finish up (I’m the other half of 59in59.com). Heading to Smokies next! Keep up the good work!


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