Chattanooga Choo Choo

Note: this post has absolutely nothing to do with trains – I simply wasn’t able to get the song out of my head whilst traipsing about the city.
The view from Coolidge Park

I couldn’t resist a 2-hour drive from Knoxville to check out this hip little city. Chattanooga boasts some of the most gorgeous city parks, trendy boutiques, quaint diners, and accessible outdoor activities. From arrival to departure, Chatt Town didn’t disappoint, particularly with its fresh energy and eclectic gatherings.

On the edge of Lookout Mountain, I spent some time in a state park hiking. It was quite pleasant descending into the gorge and seeing smatterings of boulders as I made my way to a couple of waterfalls. The geology was incredible, making me wonder why exactly Earth looks like it does.

20160727_110511 1
The human is for scale

Well done, Chattanooga. Let’s meet again!


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