Backward Glance

I legitimately took this picture @ Biscayne. It could be on a postcard, yes?

It’s been a little over a month since I said goodbye to “normal” civilization, packed up a lifetime supply of Clif Bars, and moved permanently into a home that is 30 square feet. I can’t help but reflect back on how I’ve adapted to a completely different lifestyle. Has it been as fun as a barrel of monkeys? You bet! Have I had moments of wondering whether or not I was crazy for attempting such an endeavor? Yes – though they’ve been few and far between.

Every day is different. I’ve put in my fair share of “touristy” investments. Dollywood was by far the cleanest and prettiest amusement park I’ve ever been to. Ruby Falls made me wish that I was part of the original team that explored the cavern and found a 145 foot underground waterfall. What I find truly exciting, however, is the genuine honest-to-goodness outdoor, full immersion nature moments. This is why I decided to take my trip. This is when my happiness levels peak through the roof. This is what I wish all of my dear friends and readers could experience in real-time with me.

Ruby Falls in all of its glory…

To those of you rooting me on at home: thanks for the packages, love, and well-wishes.

To those of you whom I’ve encountered along the way: thank you for the good conversation breaking up the long periods of solitude.

And to those of you whom I’ve never met: I appreciate your interest and attention.

4 weeks down, 43 to go!



One thought on “Backward Glance

  1. So glad you are enjoying this new experience. Not everyone would be able or willing to be so adventurous. Good for you!! Stay safe and keep that positive attitude.


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