Jelly Beans and Miles Hiked


You know those contests where you guess the number of jelly beans (or some other sugary candy) and the closest person wins a prize? is doing the miles hiked version of this.

Here’s how it works:

  • Leave a comment with your estimate of how many miles I have hiked in national parks since the beginning of my trip (state parks and walking in downtown Memphis doesn’t count)
  • Next Friday, September 30, I will announce the winner
  • Your prize? Either a big bag of jelly beans or any picture from my blog sent to you as a 8.5 X 11 print

Keep in mind that some parks, like Dry Tortugas, contain very little “hikeable” land.

Also, if you don’t see your guess posted right away as a comment, don’t panic, I have to approve all comments before they become official.

Good luck, have fun!


(Oops… I accidentally deleted this post earlier, hence the double-publish)


13 thoughts on “Jelly Beans and Miles Hiked

  1. Ok this is Cheryl cornett, we met in Henrietta ok. Not sure if you remember us but following your blog and loving it! I really have no clue how many miles but I am just going to guess 244. Hope I’m the winner lol would love one of your prints. Safe travels along your way, looking for more stories!

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  2. This is Todd & Lori, we met you @ Big Pine campground in Custer , SD. Sounds like you are just loving the trip. We so admire you! Our guess is 178 miles. Safe travels.


  3. Greetings from Ohio. My wife and I met you at the Matthews/Winters Park at the beginning of the Red Rock Trail in Jefferson County, Colorado on 9-7-16.
    Enjoying your blog and hope to start checking off our NP visits soon.
    Number of miles hiked so far 499.


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