Windy Caves

Wind Cave national park is an underground magical world full of strange formations and eclectic natural designs. There’s some mystery and a lot of speculation behind the history of this subterranean world. While most people agree that the Lakota Indians were truly the first to discover this place, a well-accepted story tells of two gentlemen who stumbled upon the cave when they felt strong gusts of wind coming from this shrubbery-hidden hole.

Rumor has it the rush of air knocked their hats right off!

Pictured above is the Natural Entrance. Can you imagine squeezing yourself through that hole into the unknown? Curiosity (and probably a little bit of recklessness) led a handful of young men into the cave armed only with a candle in a bucket. This was the late 1800’s and their chosen safety precaution was a trail of string that enabled them to find their way back.

Comparatively, my tour of the cave was a cakewalk. With the assistance of electrical lights, I could view the artistic patterns on the walls and ceilings around me. Wind Cave contains a very unique deposition of minerals referred to as boxwork. This honey-comb outline is ridiculously delicate and absolutely gorgeous.

Note the lacy-looking boxwork in this section of the cave

Wind Cave was different from Mammoth Cave in that I really had the time to gaze at strange and wonderful-looking formations. If you recall, I spent most of my time at Mammoth with my face in the dirt!

Clean face!

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