I’m not talking about that ridiculous game you probably last played as an infant or with an infant. I’m referring to this glorious 10-mile hike that took me deep into Canyonlands national park. The jury’s still out on why exactly it’s called Peekaboo, yet I have a couple of theories.

  • Most of the hike is filled with steep rock faces you’re able to peer over, catching marvelous glimpses of canyons
  • Dips in the rock collect runoff rain water and become home to a myriad of tiny critters. An entire ecosystem lives in these potholes.
  • Petroglyphs with ancient etched rock pictures remind hikers that they’re only a speck on the history of this land
  • Erosion has left a couple windows of rock open, allowing brave souls to scramble up and take catch sight of the other side
Take a peek at this!

Whatever the reason, I did my fair share of peeking on my journey. In 5.5 hours I ran into only two fellow humans. This is ideal for me – solitude with a sprinkling of personal contact. (The ravens* kept me company; their wide array of noises only got on my nerves once two of them began to follow me.)

Canyonlands is a special place. The desolateness of the desert coupled with the cloudless sky and fresh air invoked feelings of true freedom. And the sights, naturally, were phenomenal.

If you’re ever in the area, you should really take a peek. 🙂

These petroglyphs don’t look like much, but they’re really old… which makes them cool

* They’re actually really smart birds


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