Capitol Reef Recap

Length of Stay:

  • 3 days, 3 nights
Unique sand colors make hiking even more enjoyable


  • Picking apples in the orchard
  • Attending a ranger-led geology program that explained some neat things about the park’s rock history


  • Weird weather – it was hard to plan for hikes since the temp would change 10 degrees within the course of an hour

Favorite Hike

  • Chimney Rock loop
A view of Chimney Rock and the surrounding area

Favorite Treat

  • Fruit pie! (You can purchase a delicious personal pie in the historical Gifford house within the Fruita district)
Simply delicious.

2 thoughts on “Capitol Reef Recap

  1. Hi, Ms. Dean!!!!! I know you are back in the good ol’ Northern Virginia with our clutter and crowds and light pollution, but I haven’t gotten a chance to actually greet you, except for the occasional squeal or “Ms. Deeeeeeaaaann!” So…. hi! I hope you enjoy your winter stay here! Also, I just want to tell you that I’m in 7th grade math now, thanks to you!! You taught me a lot and I’m grateful. I also aspire to be an astronomer or an English teacher, and you helped me realize that, as well! I can’t thank you enough!!!

    Your now 6th grade (past) student,


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