Short-Term Roots

It’s been a week since I’ve temporarily ended my lifestyle as a traveler and put down some short-term roots in Northern Virginia. Transitioning from a nomadic lifestyle to a more settled one is a much-needed break, but I still can’t quite shake the feelings of restlessness.

I said goodbye to Clarence, placing him in a spacious home where he will live out the winter months until we’re reunited in the spring.


I miss the open road already, the wide spaces, and the newness of each day. I miss being immersed in nature and having hours to reflect upon the beauty of the natural world. Yet I have a newfound appreciation for this area, as well. It’s got a contagious energy, a myriad of opportunities, and a unending supply of things to do and see.

So for now, I rest. And in the resting, I rediscover the joy of what it means to be alive.



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