Second Departure

A brief recap of Part I of my trip

My winter hiatus has absolutely flown by. It seems like I pulled back into the Northern Virginia area only a short time ago, tugging along Clarence (the teardrop trailer) like a faithful pet.

Now the days are getting longer, and the temperature is gradually rising. I’m eager to get back on the road to visit the remaining 23 national parks. The Pacific Coast promises a whole new world of discovery: deserts, mountains, forests, and beaches. The northern border of the U.S. will be rife with intriguing flora and fauna, adjoining up with the natural areas in Canada, my homeland.

will do some things differently. I’ll plan out my time a little better depending on the size and available activities in each park. I’ll be smarter with where I lodge each night – warmer temperatures will mean less need for pricey electric hookups. I also intend to adjust what I’m bringing with me. During Part I of my trip, I toted a variety superfluous goods around the country that I barely even looked at, nevertheless touched.

What’s Staying Behind:

  • Half of my clothes, particularly cotton
  • Unnecessary camping gear
  • My climbing rope (I decided I didn’t trust strangers to prevent me from falling)
  • Some books, puzzles, office supplies, and activities

What’s Coming Along:

It’s going to be good… stay tuned for pictures, stories, and happiness.

Looking forward to more days like this – drinking my morning coffee and reading a book before hitting the trails. Livin’ the Pod life!