Letters from the Road

Dear Other Drivers,

Please kindly remember that when you want to switch lanes, it is common courtesy to be going faster or at least matching the speed of the car you are cutting in front of. Also make note that my stopping distance is double what you think it is; Clarence the MyPod is quite hefty which takes a toll on my ability to decelerate.




Dear State of Virginia,

Your choice of state park names is somewhat comical. “Hungry Mother State Park”… really? Sure, the legend surrounding it makes sense in a mysterious sort of way, but it drove me crazy for over 100 miles on I-81 until I could safely Google such strange nomenclature.


A Puzzled Citizen


Dear State of Arkansas,

Please fix all the potholes on your highways and interstates.* They’re large enough to swallow a small child whole.

All the best,


texas 1
*Do you see how Texas has relatively smooth highways?

Dear Chicken-Who-Made-Me-Sick,

You gave me food poisoning and delayed my journey. You should be ashamed of yourself. Making me be sick for hours at a rest station was a real low-blow.


A Convalescent


Dear Commerce Industry,

Could you kindly come up with a chain of restaurants/hotels/gas stations that begins with the letter “X”? Playing the alphabet game has become very difficult. Thank goodness for Quality Inn and Zaxby’s.


A Bored Driver


One thought on “Letters from the Road

  1. You crack me up! Thanks for the smiles and laughter this morning! I needed it after being up most of the night with Samantha and her earache. Loved Arkansas and Virginia! Where is the Hungry Mother State Park anyway? Did you stop there? So sorry to hear about the chicken. 😦 Miss you already!

    Take care, Julie



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