Saguaro Gallery

These giant cactuses are the iconic symbol of the American southwest. Not only are they majestic and stately, each saguaro is unique… kinda like a special snowflake. Most of the really nifty lookin’ ones are much older than me, since they don’t start developing appendages until around age 75.

Pictures speak louder than words, so I am dedicating the remainder of this post to showing off these Sonoran desert beauts. I have also named them for your enjoyment.

“Queen Victoria” (this type of Saguaro is called crested because of the crown)
20170327_131142 1
“Dill Pickle”
“Granddaddy” (each hole is home to some other desert creature)
“The Tango”
“Grim Reaper” (a saguaro shell)




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