Probably One of My New Faves…

“What’s been your favorite park so far?” is my most commonly asked question. I typically mention Grand Tetons, Smokies, or Black Canyon of the Gunnison, depending on my particular mood of the day.

But then I went to Channel Islands.

20170411_120800 1
So cool…

It’s in a whole other playing field, friends.

Although I only visited one out of the five islands, my experience was marked by exotic wildlife, gorgeous Mediterranean-like weather, and a rugged beauty that I’m finding it difficult to describe.

During the ferry ride in, I relished the feeling of anticipation. The salt air was refreshing; I breathed in deeply, holding on to the edge of the boat as it rocked significantly with the ocean swells. About an hour into the journey, I spotted Santa Cruz island, my destination. It rose grandly out of the Pacific, sharp cliffs setting the background for swooping birds. I heard the sound of the waves crashing violently along the rocks, as well as acute cries of the gulls.

20170411_112626 1

I set off hiking right away, intent to spend the entire day exploring this alluring paradise. Each overlook awarded me with a fresh view that brought with it a sense of wildness. The beauty here was raw – unrefined – yet sophisticated in its own way. Its separation from the mainland has left Channel Islands national park relatively untouched by human havoc. It was a sweet, inspirational day.

Quite a few island foxes scampered about, a keen reminder that this was a special place. These pretty cat-looking creatures gazed at me with thoughtful eyes. I stared back, impressed at the resiliency and uniqueness of a species that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

20170411_110010 1
I caught this one mid-blink

I was sad as it came time to depart. I wanted to stay for at least a week, soaking up the sun and playing along the numerous coves.

I resolved to return one day.

Hopefully, soon.


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