Ask Me Anything (Questions)


I get a lot of questions during my travels.

Some are serious.

Some are funny.

Some are outright ridiculous.

Now here is your chance to ask questions that you have regarding my trip. It can be about the parks themselves, the logistics of traveling, or any other curiosity that has left you wondering.

No topic is off-limits, but I can’t promise 100% that I’ll answer everything. 

So here’s what you do.

Simply comment on this post and I won’t approve it. Yep, that means that I’ll be the only one who will ever see your name attached to your question. If you have my personal email or number, you can also contact me that way. In 7 days, I’ll create another post responded to your inquiries.

Let ’em fly.




3 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything (Questions)

  1. Have you heard of The City of Rocks National Reserve close to the Idaho/Utah border? I guess people from all over the world visit the park to climb all the bazillions of rocks. Thought I’d mention it if you’re passing through that area.


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