Lassen Volcanic Recap

Pretty snowscape

Length of Stay:

  • 2 days, 2 nights


  • Snowshoeing around the thermals


  • Not being able to drive all the way through the park due to road closures
Manzanita Lake

Favorite Hike:

  • Manzanita Lake (the west entrance had less snow and was more suitable for actual hiking)
It looks like these pieces of driftwood are wrestling

Favorite Treat:

  • Buddha bowl – a bowl stuffed full of cabbage, avacado, other veggies, tofu, and overall deliciousness

2 thoughts on “Lassen Volcanic Recap

  1. We are the couple that met you in the Safeway parking lot in Redding. Lassen Park is an unknown gem of the park service. We used to ski at the south side nearly 50 years ago when there was a ski area there. When it is hot in the valley in the summer it is fun to picnic in the park and cool off. It is a beautiful drive through the park which you missed because of the snow. Usually the road is cleared in early June but maybe not this year. Glad you found Wilda’s and tried a Buddha Bowl. I am enjoying following you. Safe travels!


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