A Tiny Town in a Tiny Town

Prairie dogs are absolutely fascinating.

In the Badlands in South Dakota, I was able to observe these interesting creatures in their burrows. It was such a treat to have the opportunity to actually hike among the prairie dog towns in Theodore Roosevelt national park.

20170528_151735 1
“Alert. Alert. Female human walking through!”

I found that it’s absolutely impossible to sneak up on them. They barked out in a high pitch to warn the others of my presence.

Some were “fluffy”. Some were slim. But all were part of this amazing community. I slowed my walking pace down so I could watch them scamper about and interact with each other.

20170528_140044 1
Listening to the grasses sing.

As a drove the loop around the park, I cruised through a multitude of these prairie dog towns. I felt like I was intruding on something so intertwined and complex.

Which I was.

Even when I visited other places in the park, casually observing the gorgeous grass-clad mounds, I stumbled across lone prairie dog scouts sent out to scope out the potential invaders.

I’ll probably hear their little voices in my dreams.

Cloud watching while lying in the prairie grass.

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