My (Literal) Run-In with Bambi

If you recall, I almost hit a bear in North Cascades.

In Wisconsin, I wasn’t as lucky with my wildlife avoidance.

There I was, cruising down the highway, looking forward to crawling into my camper for a good night’s sleep. According to my GPS, I was 5 minutes from my stopping point. I was alert, searching for my upcoming turn.

Quick as can be, a deer ran out in front of my car.

I was going 60 miles per hour.

I have no idea how fast he was running.

Once again, I slammed on the brakes, causing everything in my back seat to come flying forward.

I hit the deer smack dab in the middle of my car. He stumbled, got up, and limped off, giving me a nasty look along the way. I was somewhat shaken, but also relieved. I wasn’t hurt and the airbags didn’t deploy.

Then I noticed my engine was smoking.

Turns out there was quite a bit more damage than I initially thought.

car 1
Poor Honda.

Darn it. I didn’t have cell reception, was in the middle of nowhere, and the closest town was about 35 miles back the way I came. I decided that I needed to get to civilization, cell service, and people who could offer assistance.

My engine had stopped smoking, so I began to drive slowly back the way I came. I made it only 2 miles before the fumes started up again, this time coming through the vents and making my nose wrinkle with the smell.

I pulled over, still in the middle of nowhere. I stood on the side of the road for about 10 minutes, my mind blank. Then I walked. There was a house nearby. I knocked on the door and waited.

A lovely family let me use their phone, their WiFi, and even offered me a beer. I had to call 4 tow trucks before someone would come and pick me up.

“You’re too small, we only tow big rigs.”

“You’re too long, we can’t tow your car and your trailer.”

“You’re too far from town.”

Finally, success!

“Ok. Be there in 30 minutes.”

20170601_090553 1
The following morning at the shop.

The next day, the damage was assessed and the insurance info worked out. My little Honda Civic is currently sitting in an auto shop, and will be there for one week. This definitely derailed my travel plans, but I’m rolling with the punches.

Luckily Clarence was unscathed.

Luckily I could be in much worse places than Superior, WI.



12 thoughts on “My (Literal) Run-In with Bambi

  1. Oh, Stephanie! You are one brave woman and I am so glad that you are alright! Keeping you in my prayers! Marlene


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