Pristine Wilderness

Isle Royale is one of the least visited national parks in the United States. It’s no wonder, given the fact that it is extremely difficult to get to. A seaplane would have taken me directly to this island in the middle of Lake Superior, but would have cost a pretty penny. I opted for a ferry ride – a drawn-out excursion that lasted over 3 hours.

Land Ahoy!

While I gazed out on the horizon of the largest fresh water lake in the world, I mulled over the fact that my water journey was longer than any of the island parks I had visited in the ocean. Dry Tortugas and Channel Islands were two other water-bound destinations that seemed much more accessible than this isolated piece of land.

As the Island came into view, I finished guzzling my coffee, eager to get out there and explore. This was wilderness in all of its glory – a pristine, nearly untouched piece of land.

And it was mine to discover for the rest of the day.

20170602_122045 1
Lake Superior peeking through the trees

I took a hike out to Scoville Point, stopping every couple minutes to just stand and marvel at the world around me. I caught glimpses of the Lake as I wandered along, avoiding Moose poop along the trail. I enjoyed scrambling along the rocks on the shore, viewing the small surrounding islands and circling birds.

I felt alone, out in a big, wide world full of possibility.

I felt detached from the cares and responsibilities of being an adult, just for a moment.

I reluctantly boarded the ferry when it was time to return, regretful that I couldn’t remain in this isolated piece of paradise for a couple more days.


One thought on “Pristine Wilderness

  1. I hate to see your journey end. It’s been fun following your adventures! Really glad we talked at the Green Country Inn last year in Henryetta OK!
    Doug, AKA Tigger’s Traveling Buddy……


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