And the Winner Is… (Part II)

Congratulations KENT! 

On our most recent contest, you guessed that I had stayed in 110 places during my trip, which is pretty darn close to the actual answer, 100. I zoomed around quite a bit in my little teardrop, but also frequently hunkered down for a couple nights in one spot.

Kent, leave me a comment on this post with your email (I won’t publish it), so I can get in contact with you regarding your grand prize.

20170602_122107 1


3 thoughts on “And the Winner Is… (Part II)

  1. Sweet! That’s a lot of places to stay. What an experience for you! I appreciated seeing your perspective of all those parks.


    1. Carry bear spray and put bells or your pack so you make noise as you hike! (I never worried too much about black bear country… it was when I was in grizzly territory that I became hyper vigilant).


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