Hot Springs Recap


Length of Stay:

  • 3 days, 3 nights


  • Touring the Fordyce bathhouse
The original tiling, pipes, and tub from the 1800’s


  • Hot, humid, and then extremely rainy

Favorite Hike:

  • Goat Rock trail

Favorite Treat:

  • Water – it’s tasteless and odorless but somehow makes my coffee taste extremely delicious
One of the many places in the town where the hot water bubbles up (this isn’t for drinking, although there are many fountains around town that you can use to fill your bottles)



House of Baths

Hot Springs, Arkansas was the perfect blend of interesting history, relaxing baths, and gorgeous hiking trails. Although it is the smallest national park, Hot Springs had so much to offer. One of my favorite activities was touring the historical Fordyce bathhouse. It was three stories of fancy spa equipment, including some weird stuff going on in the “hydrotherapy” room.

The high pressure needle shower
The sitz bath tubs (apparently very good for lower back pain)

The following day, I was able to go through a traditional regimen at an updated bathhouse within the historical district. I could feel the toxins flee my body as I sat in a vapor cabinet and partook in the hot pack treatment. In between each session, I was wrapped in a white sheet. I felt like a goddess. Interestingly enough, no soap or bathing products were used during the whole 2-hour procedure. Just Hot Springs water, pure and simple.