Calendars for Education has a 2017 calendar for sale!


All proceeds will go towards Open Outdoors for Kids, an initiative that seeks to connect kids to nature through experiential outdoor explorations and events. Not only does Open Outdoorsopen-outdoors focus on getting kids to learn about our natural world through investigation, they also provide multiple training opportunities for teachers.

Calendars are spiral-bound and feature some of my favorite pictures from Part I of my trip. You can order them online by clicking here.


Five Cent Tour

Today was my I-hope-I-can-fit-everything-in-my-car trial run. Needless to say, it was quite a success. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

front seat
Front Seat
back seat 1
Back Seat #1
back seat 2
Back Seat #2
back seat floor
Back Seat Floor
mypod 1
MyPod #1
mypod 2
MyPod #2


It’s almost time, dear friends. Wish me luck!

Spot Check


This lil’ gadget came in the mail yesterday and it just may save my life.

Introducing the Spot Gen3 – a nifty satellite GPS messenger that, with the push of a button, can summon a helicopter for a cliff-side rescue or simply let my mom know that “I’m okay”.

When I first decided to embark on this journey, I realized one of the downfalls of travelling alone is the whole safety aspect. Taking an adventurous road trip will be so much more fun when I don’t have to worry about sitting at the bottom of a gully with a broken femur or waiting in Death Valley for some Good Samaritan to swing by and realize I’m out of gas.


I like to think of it as being off the grid on my terms as I push the boundaries of cellular reception.

Those of you with T Mobile might just consider investing in one of these ingenious tools.

My MyPod


Yep, that’s my MyPod. I put a down payment on it today and am super stoked to almost own my new home-away-from-home. It’s not as roomy as my current apartment, but I have adequate head space, a comfy mattress, AC, and an entertainment system. What more could a girl ask for? This lil’ bad boy is going to follow me around the country. I think I shall name it Clarence.

Should I break a bottle of champagne on its side, or do you think it will dent the fiberglass?

Teardrops Anyone?

So there’s this amazing invention called teardrop trailers.  I’ve contemplated sleeping in a tent for months and it definitely isn’t as appealing as this:

Image result for teardrop trailer

Cute, cozy, and – yes – much safer than nylon.  The fun part? Rainy days will be quite enjoyable as I relax with a cup of Via coffee and a good book.  The cool part?  I’d be the envy of all those tenters out there braving the elements.  The best part? My little Honda Civic can tow it.

Secrets and Guides and Maps for the Miles

I purchased three books today.  Take a look!


These will serve as my all-inclusive resources throughout my journey.  Whether it’s using the atlas when I’ve lost cell reception, or finding the best hidden hiking trails at Congagree, I’ll be all set!  It’s time to start scouring the pages of these priceless books and doing my research.

In the words of Scar from Lion King: “Be prepared”.