Another Calendar? Yep.

20171207_164032 1

The 47parks 2018 calendar is here! (Well, technically it’s online for you to order). Lulu assures me that it’ll arrive by Christmas if purchased by the 12th of December.

A sneak peak:


Lots of blue in this one, folks – sky, lakes, oceans, etc.

Click here to get your copy!


Bye Bye, Clarence

I gathered the paper work and removed the key from my ring. I knew this day would come, and was prepared both logistically and emotionally. A mere week after posting Clarence’s adorable picture on Craigslist, I had found a buyer.

IMG_0971 1
One last moment together

A little over a year ago, I purchased this teardrop trailer (affectionately named Clarence) in hopes of having a cozy haven during my national parks tour. Clarence and I have had some incredible adventures together, traveling cross-country and tallying up the miles.

Throwback pic: Love at first site at the RV dealership (May 2016)

I’ll sure miss the lil’ stinker, but I’m relieved that he’ll be going to an excellent home. Clarence’s new owner, Nancy, is ready to tote him along on various excursions; she is thrilled to have such a well-traveled teardrop to call her home away from home.

IMG_0972 1
Passing the baton (aka keys)

So long Clarence. Good luck in your next phase of life.

Thanks for all the good times and for being the best teardrop trailer a girl could ask for. #NeverForget

Teardrop Soapbox

like having a teardrop trailer. Clarence, my MyPod, is absolutely adorable.

20170526_151453 1


That being said, I’m not a big fan of paying big-rig prices for full hookups when all I need is a little heat at night. Most campsites have a flat rate regardless of the type of camper you have. It seems silly for me to pay the same amount as an energy-guzzling RV that could swallow 10 Clarences whole.

I understand that owning an RV park is a complicated business. I also think that people should start becoming more teardrop-aware of this growing minimalist trend of just needing a little electricity to stay warm (or cool) at night.

have run into places that offered cheaper prices for just electric, or who charged based on the amount of electricity used. Kudos to you.

20170523_195817 1
North Cascades

In the meantime, Clarence and I will continue spreading the word that bigger is not always better. In fact, smaller should mean cheaper.

Responding First

It’s been quite a week.

I was ice-climbing in Vermont and fell on my ice-pick, resulting in a pneumothorax.

I was mountain biking in Utah, acquired a head injury when I crashed, and then fractured my wrist.

I was horseback-riding in West Virginia when my loyal steed, Mr. Bojangles bucked me off, leaving a nasty bruise below my sternum and a twisted ankle.

JUST KIDDING… sort of.*

This is not real!

Back in October, I decided to sign up for a Wilderness First Responder course. For the past 10 days, I have spent countless hours learning how to provide medical care in the backcountry. It’s involved an inordinate amount of book-learning and countless real-world scenarios. I can confidently reduce an anterior shoulder dislocation, splint a wrist using a jacket, and treat high altitude cerebral edema. I brushed up on my CPR skills, learned about handling snake bites, and acquired a ton of other medical knowledge/skills.

The course was intense, but invaluable. Who knows when I’ll need to help out a fellow outdoor enthusiast during the second part of my trip? Who knows when I’ll need to provide skilled assistance to someone in an urban setting? Who knows when I’ll have to practice on myself?

Snapping a quick selfie with my CPR buddy, Actar

* I am, in fact, completely kidding. In the scenarios we acted out during the course, however, I played the patient who had all of these crazy, and unlucky, experiences.

Calendars for Education has a 2017 calendar for sale!


All proceeds will go towards Open Outdoors for Kids, an initiative that seeks to connect kids to nature through experiential outdoor explorations and events. Not only does Open Outdoorsopen-outdoors focus on getting kids to learn about our natural world through investigation, they also provide multiple training opportunities for teachers.

Calendars are spiral-bound and feature some of my favorite pictures from Part I of my trip. You can order them online by clicking here.

Five Cent Tour

Today was my I-hope-I-can-fit-everything-in-my-car trial run. Needless to say, it was quite a success. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

front seat
Front Seat
back seat 1
Back Seat #1
back seat 2
Back Seat #2
back seat floor
Back Seat Floor
mypod 1
MyPod #1
mypod 2
MyPod #2


It’s almost time, dear friends. Wish me luck!

Spot Check


This lil’ gadget came in the mail yesterday and it just may save my life.

Introducing the Spot Gen3 – a nifty satellite GPS messenger that, with the push of a button, can summon a helicopter for a cliff-side rescue or simply let my mom know that “I’m okay”.

When I first decided to embark on this journey, I realized one of the downfalls of travelling alone is the whole safety aspect. Taking an adventurous road trip will be so much more fun when I don’t have to worry about sitting at the bottom of a gully with a broken femur or waiting in Death Valley for some Good Samaritan to swing by and realize I’m out of gas.


I like to think of it as being off the grid on my terms as I push the boundaries of cellular reception.

Those of you with T Mobile might just consider investing in one of these ingenious tools.