New Orleans and Bayou Recap

Such ambiance!

Length of Stay:

  • 4 days, 4 nights


  • Kayaking in the Bayou
  • Exploring the unusual cemeteries
Above-ground stone crypts


  • Spending more money than I had originally anticipated

Favorite Hike:

  • Bayou Coquille Trail and March Overlook (at Jean Lafitte NP)
Just a lil’ gator

Favorite Treat(s): [so many!]

  • Beignets
  • Seafood gumbo
  • Aligator meat po’boy
  • Crawfish étouffée fries
Crawfish étouflée fries



Cuisine (Part II)

Food has become my frenemy while living on the road. I still enjoy a delicious meal, yet sometimes food preparation is simply a hassle.

My Yeti cooler has been phenomenal. It keeps produce cool and refreshing for up to 3 days. I thought I would miss my salads and raw veggie snacking, but I’ve been able to maintain my fruits and vegetable intake no problem. It’s a good thing, too, since McDonald’s cheeseburgers and vanilla cones have become a go-to (only $1 each).

Depending on my location, my eating habits vary drastically. Some days it feels like I’m just consuming energy bars, nuts, apples, and dried edamame.  Other days I feast on local cuisine or my sister-in-law’s impeccable frittata. I’ve gotten pretty creative with my nourishment, as well. A Spam sandwich, or Spamwich, isn’t half-bad. Also, Siracha can spruce up even the blandest of ingredients, including a lukewarm can of turkey chili.

The bottom line: I feel good, healthy, and still haven’t had to dip into my emergency MRE’s.


Cuisine (Part I)


About a month ago I bought Carnation powdered milk. It was an impulse buy while I meandered down the baking aisle one late Sunday evening. My thought process: “I should give this a try before my trip.” Yet each morning after grabbing my Honey Bunches of Oats, I purposefully reach for my deliciously cold soy milk rather than mixing up a concoction of room temperature water and a clumpy, cornstarch-like substance.

Yesterday I found an assortment of dehydrated meals on sale. Without a second thought, I picked up one of each flavor, excited about the concept of adding boiling water to a bag of shriveled up mushrooms and rice. I have a feeling that those meals are going to sit comfortably in my cupboard until the day before my departure, at which point I shall delicately place them into my travel food bin for future consumption.

At the present moment I plan on enjoying “real” food for as long as possible. Given the choice between a turkey burger with all the fixins and a can of Spam, the former will win out every time.  From previous climbing/camping experience, I know that food on the go often turns into a necessity, rather than a luxury.

Yes, I’m sure I’ll be in for some interesting food surprises while I’m on my journey.

Yes, I’m positive that I’ll learn what’s tolerable and what is clearly downright unsavory.

Yes, I’m confident that this is all part of the adventure.

Bon appetit!