One month and counting! In exactly 31 days from today, I will be saying goodbye to the modern conventional life and beginning my trek across the country.

The planning process is fun but somewhat overwhelming. Do I splurge on a bear-resistant cooler that will keep my food cold for days or do I put that money towards more greasy spoon nights out? Do I purchase that pricey mosquito resistant net, or put that extra cash towards a quick-dry towel?

In the midst of deliberating over some essential decisions and eagerly awaiting my departure date, I’m making a point to appreciate and depreciate some key aspects about my current existence in Northern Virginia.

I may miss…
– a bed that stays in one place and does not move
– a room that I can stand up in
– a fridge
– free museums that I tend to visit once every 5 years
– some pretty flippin awesome people

I will not miss…
– traffic
– chain restaurants
– traffic
– cement and concrete

And to all my NOVA readers: stay strong.